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Naruto Mpreg

Because shinobi babies are love ♥

The Naruto Male Pregnancy Community
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Pregnant hormonal shinobi love ♥
Welcome to naruto_mpreg, a community dedicated to male pregnancy in the Naruto universe!
- FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I've decided to make this a friends locked community. Because a large portion of the fandom is put off by mpreg stories and art, I think it would be for the best if only members of the community can view community posts. This isn't to say fake cuts are not allowed, but just make sure the post in the community is friends locked.

- Feel free to post anything related to Naruto male pregnancy. That means fan fiction, fan art, icons, and essays are all welcome and appreciated.

- Be respectful: If you don't like yaoi or mpreg, I don't know why you would be here in the first place, and if you want to bash a pairing or anything posted on here, know that I can be a very grumpy mod. You have been warned.

- Betas are love, and if you are unsure about the grammar or spelling in your story, please feel free to ask me or the community for constructive criticism. Also, please try to make your stories as convincing and in character as possible. I know mpreg is usually very far fetched, but every little bit of explanation helps! There are a ton of negative stereotypes associated with male pregnancy in fandom: PLEASE DON'T CONTRIBUTE TO THEM IF AT ALL POSSIBLE! ♥

- Please use a cut for all posts over 200 words! This is basic stuff, but it's really important! If you don't know how to make a cut, ask me and I'll be happy to teach you.

- There will be porn on this site. R and NC-17 material is certainly welcomed and appreciated! :)

- Please specify rating and pairing when posting art or fan fiction!

- Stories that involve other pairings and plots are allowed, as long as male pregnancy is somehow involved.

- Introductory posts are not required. If you want to post something about yourself, I'll allow it, but please try to stay on topic. :)
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